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CCRM is a group of leading scientists and academics, all with PhDs and active in scientific research. We can help you assess climate risks over different timescales and using different scenarios (scenario planning); quantifying risk using the latest mathematical models for selected regions; and outline the likely success of business strategies in the light of this information.


Services we can provide

  • Climate change risk assessment and scenario planning for TCFD and climate adaptation.

  • Modelling of future climate using Global Climate Models (GCMs) and downscaled projections using Regional Climate Models (RCMs). We can run climate simulations for anywhere on Earth.

  • Assessments of vulnerability of sites to sea level change.

  • Hydrological modelling and flood risk analysis.

  • Assessments and monitoring of water supply variations, natural hazard variability and climate change risk.

  • Modelling of soil erosion and degradation of agricultural land associated with climate change.

  • Socio-economic impact assessments of climate change.

  • Executive training and workshops in climate literacy and climate change risk management.

  • Training in the use of climate and flood risk models (eg CMIP6, CORDEX, LISFLOOD-FP and SWAT).



We are all scientists and academics working at the forefront of climate change science and policy

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