UNEP Event: Iraq on track in the preparation of its Climate Change National Adaptation Plan 28 July 2022 Beirut

CCRM scientist Dr Mike Harrison has presented a set of climate projections and climate risk assessments for Iraq, alongside colleagues from Reading University’s Walker Institute and Wood Plc at a 3 day capacity building workshop in Beirut.  With the aim of assisting Iraq in its planning for climate change adaptation, the workshop, organised by the UN Environment Programme Regional Office for West Asia, focused on climate change modelling and climate risk assessments that brought together representatives from the Iraqi government from Ministry of Environment including technical teams from the Climate Change Center and the recently established Climate Modelling Unit.

Held at the UN House in Beirut from 26 to 28 July, this workshop was part of the Iraq National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Readiness project funded by Green Climate Fund (GCF), that aims to strengthen institutional capacity to support decision-makers with climatic projections, scenarios, risk assessment and data. This will further enable institutions and decision-makers to integrate medium to long-term adaptation actions into national development planning in Iraq.